Month: December 2013

Blog Post Prompt #1

In Derrida’s Archive Fever, he writes that “a science of the archive must include the theory of this institutionalization, that is to say, the theory both of the law which begins by inscribing itself there and of the right which authorizes it.”

Being experimental, creative and thoughtful, see if you can connect this idea to the Cox reading, “Digital Curation and the Citizen Archivist.” What, if anything, can you say of a citizen archivist as it connects to Derrida’s notion of the archive?  As it connects to institutionalization or the law?  What is this transition Derrida speaks of that an archival piece or document makes from “secret to non-secret” and how could that be further connected to institutionalization?

Please stay close to the text for this first post. Do close reading and thoughtful,  careful writing.

Remember || Blog post requirements:

Critical Blog Posts: 

1) Should engage with the text carefully.
2)  Refer to specific examples from the text under examination.
3) Pose at least one question for class discussion.
4) Be a minimum of 300 words.
5) Include a descriptive title, relevant tags for navigation, indexing and proper categorization (ie. “blog 1 replies”).
6) Must be proofread and spell-checked.

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