Joe Hall

a mixture of silence and sound

The Lament for Joe Hall was a very strong audio journal.  The way it began was very powerful and emotion provoking—the constant flow of beeping, the arguing, and the other faint sounds.  Just these first 10 or so seconds produced a strong feeling inside of me.  It felt somewhat depressing, almost preparing the audience for what was about to come.

The different noises in the background fading in and out were my favorite part about this audio journal. The layering of these noises added to the emotions produced.  The author used both noises as well as muffled talking in the back.  The muffled talking in the back made it more realistic to me.  It almost gave off the impression that this story was unfolding in front of you, not being recounted from the past.

In addition to the sounds, the silence was powerful as well.  In a majority of the parts where the boy was speaking (pretending to be Joe Hall) there was no background noise.  This was important because it forced the audience to focus on the words and the story being told.  If there were different sounds or background noises the whole time it would have been very distracting to the audience trying to understand and process what was being said.

This example of an audio journal really helped me think of ideas and ways to improve my own.  I learned that sounds in the background can both add and hurt your piece.  When first figuring out what I wanted to do for this project I kept trying to think of a lot of different background noises.  However, I learned from this project that focusing on the main story as opposed to using many background noises can be equally as powerful.  In addition, I learned that this project does not have to be connecting to you in anyway. This story was a strong emotional story that was told through the eyes of Joe Hall, not through the eyes of the student.