New perspective….for life

What I appreciated most about this class was that there was a constantly stressed theme of not just creating something because it’s cool, but creating with a purpose.  I started off the semester rather annoyed by this motif.  I thought it was silly that I had to think of a subject for my projects that required some sort of meaning.  However as the semester progressed, I realized that this had nothing at all to do with the subject and everything to do with the perspective.  This will ultimately be a tool that will help me beyond my academic career.

Ultimately I have aspirations of being able to make documentaries.  There is a lot of cool stuff in the world, and I wouldn’t mind telling other people about this cool stuff through cool videos.  This class, however, made me realize that that only people that will want to see the cool videos about the cool stuff are those that are already interested in that cool stuff.  Creating an interesting perspective is both more effective and enjoyable.  An interesting perspective provides for those that are not familiar with the material a means of understanding.  For those who are familiar with the material, it provides a potentially new set of information or organization of information they have perhaps never seen before.  Most importantly to me, creating a perspective allows me to form and voice my opinion on a subject matter for which I likely (hopefully) have a passion.