Taking a look back

This class has be an adventure for me to say the least.  Coming in with no CSS or HTML experience was not the norm; however, I learned a lot throughout the process.  Looking back on the semester I am very pleased with the progress that I made- I not only learned how to work with a variety of different programs, I learned to not give up on a project (as cliche as that sounds).  There are many times throughout this semester where I just wanted to give up on something when it was not going the way I wanted (i’m sure Instructor Campbell will back me up on the fact that many things in these programs were not going my way!) but I learned to keep putting effort into the project.  

Trying to remember all of the different readings and projects we reflected on this semester, there was one that popped into my mind.  For some reason, I was very drawn in by the photo essay: Children and Their Bedrooms (I even showed it to all of my roommates bragging about how cool it was). **Side note on this: I looked it up recently and think I found pictures that we didn’t look at before (or I just don’t remember them).  Either way, this one is my new favorite: 


This project was the most helpful for me personally in retrospect to the photo essay we had to do because it really showed me the power of photographs and how they can tell an entire story.

Where do I see this website going in the future is something I ask myself a lot.  In the beginning of the year I was almost certain that I was going to get rid of dreamweaver and creative cloud right after the class was over, but, recently I have been wrestling with this.  I am contemplating keeping this for next year when I travel abroad to keep journals and blog posts on (this is all dependent on my parents willingness to pay of course).  

Overall, this class and the projects included in it opened my eyes to a whole new skill.  I never thought of myself of being some tech-savvy or someone that was good with computers, this class helped me gain way on this a little bit.  Although it was a lot of work I am very happy with my progress and I can almost say that I have survived composing digital media!


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