Rotating and Flipping Footage

In our class lab, I came across some effects that allowed one to Vertically Flip or Horizontally Flip an image. The effect bothered me, though, because there was no control over the many degrees between a full horizontal or vertical flip. For this exercise, I tried to find a way to rotate precisely an image in Adobe Premiere Pro and eventually found one with Basic 3D. You can still use the old vertical and horizontal flips by going to: Effects – Video Effects – Transform – Horizontal Flip & Vertical Flip. However, the greater amount of control in Basic 3D might be more useful.

I started with some stock footage from that I imported into Adobe Premiere Pro. Then I went to: Effects – Perspective – Basic 3D. You can just drag Basic 3D into your clip.

john screenshot

Then go to the “Effect Controls” panel and click the small triangle to see the drop down menu for Basic 3D.

john screenshot 2

By controlling the circle next to “Swivel” you can rotate your video along a horizontal axis. By going 180 degrees you create a horizontal flip as seen below. But you can also rotate any number of degrees (0 to 360) as you see fit.

john screenshot 3

Below “Swivel” is “Tilt” and that controls any vertical movements. Again, you can go 180 degrees to create the vertical flip seen below, or you can control the precise number of degrees (0 to 360) that you would like to rotate.

john screenshot 4

This looks a bit ridiculous with a tractor, but these techniques could be useful when editing. For example, if someone shot an interview with someone in the right of the frame, but then started shooting them on the left. The camera has crossed the “invisible line” and may disorient viewers when they see the subject go from the right side of a conversation to the left. With some careful rotations, though, an editor might be able to flip the person from the left side to the right or at least lessen lessen the effects of the switch.


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