DIY: Premiere Cut, The “Vintage” Look

Nowadays, every technological device provides users with an easy way to alter the appearance of a photo or video footage through the use of filters. The same has become the case with the many different softwares and applications we load onto these mediums. Adobe Suite’s Premiere Cut is no different. In this DIY overview I will share how to successfully alter one’s Premiere Cut project to make the footage appear “vintage”. (Personally, I am a huge fan of filters! I immediately recognized that this would be beneficial in about 80% of all projects I’d ever do.) I hope the same can be said for you! Even if this is not the case, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a trick you will enjoy 🙂


First, create your basic video sequence. (Whatever your incredibly interesting subject may be!)


Keep in mind that yours, especially if you’re a beginner, won’t look as jumbled as the one pictured above. On this next step keep in mind that you DO have the ability to add video effects to each individually, or you can make a duplicate of the ONE you choose to edit. The choice is yours.

Second, open the Color Correction folder under Video Effects.



Third, drag the following types of effects into your sequence: color balance, RGB curves, brightness and contrast. These are the factors that will assist you with successfully creating your vintage look.


Fourth, under the Effects Controls open out the RGB Curves options and begin editing the curves profiles.



Fifth, tone down vibrancy of colour adjustments with the Saturation option of the Color Balance (HLS) effect.


 Sixth, to ensure that there’s a balance, bump the brightness and contrast to around +15% and +25%.

Seventh,  add an Invert effect from under the Channel Video Effects and then change the Blend Mode to Screen under the Opacity settings.Image


Play around with all of these and you’ll get something great!


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