Chroma Keying

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to “key” out a color. This is often used in conjunction with a green screen that you might hear a lot about. When you key a color, it removes that color from the image. So people do stuff in front of a green screen and key out the color green, which will remove every green image in the frame. The background becomes transparent, so if you place the remaining image on a backdrop, it will look like the image is in the backdrop. Here is how you do it:

First, get footage of something with a color that can be keyed out. I found a video of a Despicable Me minion on a green screen from YouTube:


Next, I picked my in/out points and dragged a section into my timeline.

After that, I went to my video effects and in the “keying” folder, chose “Color Key” and placed that effect on the section in my timeline.

Then I went to the effect controls of the clip I just put the color key effect, and used the eye dropper to select the green color on my viewer:


This removed all of the green from the image. It tends to stay away from the pixels near other colored pixels, so you need to adjust the tolerance, edge thin, and edge feather options in the effect options. You can also keyframe this. Here is my image without any green:


Finally, you are ready for a backdrop. You must make sure the image you just keyed is above the backdrop, similar to the way photoshop works with layers. I used some old footage from London. Here is my final video:Image

Notice the order of the video tracks. you can do this with any color, not just green. Green is just the widely accepted color in the entertainment industry.




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