Easy Human Cloning Tutorial

Hey everyone! So I remember in class someone commenting on how they liked how one of the short videos we watched had cloning of the person so I figured I would look up how to do this.  The tutorial I found was pretty easy. Since I don’t have the video camera (and for this tutorial I couldn’t use my phone because the video camera needs to be still/not moving) I used shots from the tutorial online.  However, I went through the editing part with another video and it’s very simple!

For this one there are only three clones (each time you add another clone it becomes more difficult).  To begin, you want to shoot the shot (with the same background) as many times as you want.  After you shoot the video you are going to upload all of them into the software and push them together (eliminating the cuts you don’t want a.k.a. you walking in and out of the scene.

Here are the three scenes that I am working with:



After you eliminate all of the scenes you don’t want put the three clips on top of each other like this: Image


Okay now here comes the tricky part, manipulating them. Go over to the effects bar or window and search matte, and click on 8 point garbage matte (you can do 4 and 16 also depending on your shot). Now 8 points will show up on the shot around the screen of the movie.  You want to drag those lines, and what do those do you may ask?  Well those control what will show up from the other layers of the shots you have (a.k.a what you will see from the shots on top of your main shot).  This is what I am talking about if you are confused: Image

You see those dots- thats what you can move around and again it will bring some of the other layers. Take your time with this because you want the background to match up (aka the lighting matching up, shadows, etc)

HELPFUL HINT: make sure you are clicked on the layer you are letting show when picking the matte option.

Then after going through all the dots and such you should have your clones as shown below!


There are many other ways to do this (I watched like 3 other tutorials).  However, this one I found was the easiest.  Hope this helps you guys!


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