How to Create a Robot Voice in Audacity

We will begin by opening Audacity and recording a short voice recording, or use a previously recorded voice.


 If there is any excess noise from the recording you can highlight the audio and go to effects and “Noise Removal…” When the next window pops up just press okay.


 Now go ahead and trim off the excesses recording scrap by selecting the bars that are not recorded and pressing delete.


 Next we copy the existing sound piece add a new track from the “Tracks” tab in the top bar and select “Stereo Track.” Paste the copied sound piece to the new track.


Now highlight the second track and go to “effects” and apply “Echo…” with a delay time of 0.04 and Decay factor of 0.6.


 It is now starting to sound a bit like a robot.  Next, you can lower the pitch of the second track by again going to “effects” and pressing “Change Pitch…” and set it to    -10.


Copy the first track once again and make a new stereo track and paste the sound piece in again as we did previously.


Now on this third track, go into the “effects” menu and select “Change Tempo…” with a percent change of -3.


Congratulations, you now have your very own robot voice! 


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