Truncate SIlence

One little effect you can use from the Audacity effect menu is the Truncate Silence effect. There may be times where you want to shorten something down time wise. A good portion of the length of any audio (especially spoken word) is going to be the time in between words and sentences. You can change this through a nifty tool called Truncate Silence. This can be especially helpful when you have a time limit. This can cut off a few seconds or more, and will minimize the length of silences.

First, highlight the section  of the audio you want to edit:


Next, go to effects > turncate silence. The turncate silence editing options will appear:


If you increase the range of the silence duration, there will be more accurate compression at a larger range. And if you change the threshold for silence, the tool will change what it recognizes silence as. Here is the same file after the highlighted section was edited with turncate silence tool:


The Truncate Silence tool has one simple task, and that’s to remove small bits of unnecessary silence you wouldn’t be able to find yourself. This effect is very helpful when you want to cut down the length of a section, or to make and dialogue much more smooth. Especially for our class projects that require voice-overs and conversations


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