Deeper Voices for Radio

On Audacity there is an effect called “Low Pass Filter” that can slightly muffle the sound of someone’s voice. I think the overall effect makes the person’s voice sound better for radio, especially when using lower end equipment that might make a person’s voice sound tinny.

I started with a sample of my little sister’s voice.


Then I went to the top menu labeled “Effect” and scrolled down to “Low Pass Filter.”


This brings up the Low Pass Filter menu. Here you have two options to control: Rolloff and Cutoff Frequency. I kept Rolloff at 6 dB which is the lowest option. Higher options will make the voice sound increasingly muffled. The Cutoff is set to 1000, but you can make a voice more muffled by lowering the Hz or less muffled by raising the Hz.


Afterwards you can see how it changed the sound.


I think it gives a person’s voice a deeper, fuller sound that is more suited to radio. This might just be me, but I also think that the Low Pass Filter cuts down on background noises as well. This effect works well with the Normalizing effect that we briefly mentioned in class as both help recordings sound more pleasing to the ear. Finally, if you want to look for the opposite effect, there is a High Pass Filter located right above this one.


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