How to get rid of background noise/ static on audacity

For some people (including myself) when you record you can hear some static or background noise.

First record a segment. Image

as you see the little bumps in the line are static (places where you aren’t talking but noise is being recorded)

To fix this you first highlight those sections of the audio file (just the part that has static)

After you have that highlighted you go to effects and click on noise removal. Image and then click on get noise profile.

After that you want to select the entire audio file (command a on a mac), or you can just highlight it if that is easier for you.

Go up to the effect button again and then click on noise removal again. Make sure you have the settings at the maximum settings (pictured below).

Image and make sure noise removed is clicked.

After that the noise or static should be removed. You can tell by comparing the picture below to the original picture that I posted. Hope that helped everyone! Image



  1. Thank you!!!! That was actually super helpful. I was trying to use the noise removal earlier by recording like 20 seconds of silence and using that as the noise profile. It would make my audio have an electric buzz or something in the background. It didn’t occur to me to use just a tiny portion of static as the profile. It works so much better now!!!

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