Make Em’ Shine!

This is a brief tutorial on how to make your text glow or shine. The idea for researching this initially came to me as I was looking back over my recovery photos, wishing that I had known a way to make my the words on some of my photos *pop* or stand out a little more. After some reading, and test runs, here’s what I discovered:

1. Making your text *glow* is actually pretty easy. First, go into photoshop and select (highlight) the words you’d like to enhance. Attached below is the photo that I will use as an example.Image

2. Go to the top menu and select the “Layer”. Once the menu appears, scroll down and select  Layer Style.

3. An additional menu will pop up. Select either Outer Glow or Inner Glow, depending on which one you’d like to enhance. (You can also select “Blending Options”, which provides you with an overview of a variety of adjustments you could make to the font. In you do select “Blending Options”, a new page or menu appear. On the left side of this menu you will be prompted or given the option to select a number of options (Bevel and Emboss, Stroke, Inner Shadow, Satin, Color Overlay, etc). Check or select both Inner Glow and Outer Glow.

5. After selecting Inner or Outer Glow, play around with the different levels of structure (feel free to pick a new color!), elements and quality. 

6. After playing around with the different settings, see what you’ve been able to come up with! 


Check out mine below 🙂




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