Automatically Linking to Other Pages

As far as I know this line of code is not in anyone’s project, but it may be worth looking at. In the header of your page (between <head> and </head>) you can add a line of code that automatically links your page to another one after a certain number of seconds. The example below includes the line of code. refreshcode

Aside from the standard HTML code it reads: <head><meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”10;URL=”></head>.

The first section – <meta http-equiv=”refresh” – is what tells the page to refresh. Afterwards, the content section – content=”10 – tells the page to refresh after 10 seconds. I just picked 10 seconds, because I wanted to prove quickly that it worked. Your page can be set to refresh after upwards of 300 seconds. Finally, the section – URL=”> – is where the page links to. For this example I picked Google, because it is a common website. You, however, can put in any URL from outside pages like Google, to the next page in your Photo Essay project, etc.

I checked the code with a really quick website that looks like this:

beforepageAnd after 10 seconds, it links to Google.


So if someone had their photo essay on different pages and wanted to link them together automatically, this is a quick way he or she could do that.


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