Rebecca Sehn’s Fantasy

I searched Google for web design galleries and chose the website


This website really stood out to me because of the large photograph of children running through a field.  I also really liked the background because it looks like a page in someone’s sketch book or scrapbook.


The photo of the photographer looks taped on. The off-white background, green doodles, black text, and imperfections on the page made it feel original.  It has a fantasy look to it that the designer used to show the photographer’s view of photo taking.  Rebecca Sehn is a photographer based out of Vancouver, Canada who as a child was “a full-time adventurer”. She spent her “days seeking out magical lands, climbing trees, playing dress up…”  This ties right back in to the magical, dreamy look to her website.


Underneath the large photograph is a scroll bar where I could see more of the photographs and enlarge them.


My favorite part of the website was the postcard “contact me.”  Her website states that she can travel to wherever the client wants to do the photo shoot.  The postcard symbolizes Rebecca traveling all over the world to do photography.  The setup of the webpage is very simple and easy to navigate.  The phrases at the top such as portfolio, about, info, and contact all navigate you to the section on the webpage where they are located.


It also had boxes that, when clicked, redirected me to her Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.  Her services are geared towards most likely the upper class or people who would be able to afford her services because she travels to them. This is why the website is very simple and elegant looking. The website overall had a very personal feel to it.  It made me want to utilize her services.

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