Pound & Grain plays to their strengths

The website for Pound & Grain is everything one would expect in a digital media firm’s website.  It has a very subtle yet enticing color scheme, interactive graphics, and properly placed and sized graphics.  When you go to poundandgrain.com, one of the first and only things to notice is the brick background on which large, bold text lies. This immediately gives off a very accommodating and cozy, yet hard working feeling.  The color scheme used on this portion of the page also uses very soft colors, which sets up the use of vibrantly colored fonts to attract the eye to that text.



The actual make up of the site also does an excellent job of promoting itself.  The home page is nothing but Pound and Grain.  There is a small circle icon that is partially cut off at the bottom of the initial screen.   Though this looks sloppy, it actually forces the user to continue to scroll down out of curiosity to see what it actually is.  Then further down the page, there is a changing image of some recent work of the company, as well as several links to some of their recent social media posts. 

The “About” page also uses a very original angle in describing the culture of the company.  There are some engaging, interactive graphics to describe some high ranking employees, but then instead of writing out in English what working for Pound and Grain is like, they use images of what I assume is their office.  This is certainly very original, but it is also very effective.  They are not telling you what the culture of the company is like.  They show you. 



I think having the “Our Work” page is an obvious choice.  A company like this is as good as its diverse profile, which is exactly what it displays on this page.  Once again, the images are interactive, giving the page even more aesthetic attraction. 


Though there really is no tremendous amount of content on the website, I think that is actually very fitting for this type of company.  Their field or industry is not very specific; they can do a multitude of tasks.  Therefore, they don’t want to tie themselves to a specific sort of work by explicitly saying such on their website.  They are much better off presenting previous work they have done so that potential clients can see if they have the ability to do what they are looking for.  


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