navigation simplicity

I was searching through the websites of some of my favorite musical artists, and fell upon Bassnectar’s website: I’ve never seen this website before because I don;t really care to visit the websites of my favorite artists, but the website really stood out to me because of its colorful and simplistic design. Websites are designed to be used by the public. Figuring out how to use a specific website should never happen. It should be simple enough that viewers don’t have to learn. This begins with your design and navigation. I liked this website because there are nine different pages, all with hyperlinks going across the top in a row. You can visibly see every webpage the site has to offer right in front of you.Image

Going over the elements of the page, the first thing that jumps out to me is the banner going across the top that says “BASSNECTAR.” He is the featured artist of the website, so clearly this is a means of branding his name on the website viewers. Whatever page you navigate to on this website, the name will always be across the top of the page, accompanied with the nine hyperlinks below his name.

The spacing is used very nicely throughout the page. Nothing is smashed together, and all the spacing is equivalent and consistent throughout. The text and images are centered on the page, and all balanced. There is a white border around the text in images on the page because of how it is centered, which adds an emphasis to the body of the page. Nothing is close to the scroll bar or the left side. The border separates the body of the page from the browser layout, as though the body in the webpage is its own entity.Image

The colors of this page reflect the white background very nicely. The mahogany red in the top banner and headers, accompanied with the aqua teal color, are both in the banner of the website. It makes it seem like these two colors have a real connection to Bassnectar because of how reflective they are to the banner. The purpose of this website is to connect with the fans of Bassnectar, and the color scheme of the banner and the text headings does this very well because the banner is a derivation of a photograph from a concert of Bassnectar. By using this, it feels like a real connection to Bassnectar and his performances. Things I might take away from this website design is the navigation simplicity. Pages within pages within pages becomes very confusing, but if you are able to access every page from a top or side bar, it becomes very easy to navigate. Also, the white background looks great on this website. Sometimes white backgrounds make a site seem very boring, but on Bassnectar’s site, the white background is very calming and supports the proper spacing between elements.


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