A Web Designer’s Personal Masterpiece


Diego D’Sousa is a graphic artist from Bogota, Columbia.  He designed his own personal website, http://www.diegodsousa.com, to represent himself to possible employers and others needing his specialty.  His site is a bit visually unusual from a normal site that has a header, body, and footer type arrangement.  The set up of his website is very open and seemingly minimalistic.  We are first greeted with peaceful music that has an inviting tone.  I believe this has a big impact on our initial impression of the website.  D’Sousa uses a tan cracking wall as the background and makes it look as if his graphic and information are smashed on the wall and squashed out to the sides behind a picture of Ernie from Sesame Street flying. This concept works well and is simplistically appealing.  Our eyes are immediately drawn to this image and the off spray of info surrounding it.  On the outskirts of the picture he lays out little titles that are composed of his biography and resume.  He wonderfully adds the interactive feature of clicking on the links around the main picture to zoom into them and see the more about them.  Some of the links don’t even end there and can be followed further by being zoomed deeper into the link.  Conveniently D’Sousa added a navigation bar on the side that can be accessed at all times no matter how deep you get with his links you can always direct back quickly with the navigation side links.  Instead of using a normal footer he simply adds links to sites where he previously won rewards.  These are big accomplishments so it makes sense that he puts them there where they can always be viewed.  Overall, all aspects of Diego’s website work together nicely to create a playful yet professional feel that should be very attractive to employers.  While I’m far from this caliber of website design, he does a strong job of presenting himself in a genuine fashion and I hope to bring that aspect to my website and projects.



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