Inviting With A Picture

At first I was drawn to this website by the colorful and vibrant front cover.  I really like how the web designer chooses this picture to be the background.  I believe the color scheme (the reds and yellows) fit well with the theme of the website as well (Fall).  After browsing the web design gallery I realized I was drawn to many of the websites that accentuated a picture as the background.  I believe this technique draws in an audience and makes them focus on the information—something I would like to use in my own website. 

In addition the navigation of this sight is quite simple.  As you scroll down the front page it almost gives off the feeling of flipping a page.  As each page flips it also keeps with the original theme of pictures. (Other pages shown below.)




 I think keeping with this theme is very important.  I really do not like when websites are sporadic and do not keep the same idea throughout their entirety. 

This particular webpage is highlighting the many events and places to go in Tennessee if you are visiting in the fall.  Again, I believe the picture theme is a great idea for this purpose.  When people come looking to this webpage they want to feel an inviting tone and almost persuaded why they should come to Tennessee.  For my webpage I am thinking about maybe incorporating my photo recovery pictures to the front of my page to make it more interesting and vibrant.

Another aspect of this webpage that I enjoy is that there is not too many hyperlinks.  Each different scroll page on the home screen has one as well as the header (as seen in the first picture).  This is something that I would like to incorporate into my webpage.  I believe when there is too many hyperlinks it is confusing and overwhelming to the audience; therefore, I believe containing most of them to the header is a very helpful technique.   

Lastly, the variations of fonts adds a creative and personalized touch.  Using the same font throughout your entire webpage can be boring (unless it is for a very professional purpose).  For my webpage, like this webpage, I would like to incorporate many different fonts. 




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