Tank Magazine is a British publication that is very much dedicated to the power of print media. Their website, instead of railing against the flashiness technology affords us, utilized flash elements to create a page that emulates the look and feel of a print magazine. When the page first opens a viviid and large cover photo flips around revealing the issue’s table of contents. clicking each article prompts a smooth drop down feature in which you can read the articles in their entirety. The site oozes with minimalist influences as the courier font on whte backdrop make for a text document feel.

The minimal graphic elements work to keep he site focused on the text. Very often on the Internet, content is sacrificed for visual aesthetic.Tank Magazine manages to frame their aesthetic around the strength of the writing looking at the page has the same effect as reading the new yorker, you can step back and simply marvel at it.

Each section of the site very subtly embeds video and image to do the one thing that print cannot do, be interactive. These elements never feel overwhelming and there is a sense that the audience is being incentivized to read the full stories before watching any video or browsing through photos. The magazine’s owner is a strong proponent o print and the website, at every opportunity, reminds you of the exclusive content in the magazine. The design is so appealing that getting paid subscriptions doesn’t seem to be a problem.



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