Sync Big!

The website that I will use as an example for this analysis is, which is for a French communication firm. On the most basic level, this design works because of high contrast, not only in the colors but in the font as well. There is a simple white background and black text, which stands out. The yellow circle and hot pink boxes really stand out against the black and white images and add impact to what the web page is saying.

The website first struck me through its incredibly striking visuals. The art used in this example is stunning and tells a story in a unique and clever way. The vast black areas work as a great border in between pages, and often contain artwork that leads the viewers eyes down to the next section of the site.

The font works very well in conjunction with the artwork. The hand drawn nature of the images, as well as the shading and subject give the background a surreal feeling, mixed with a street or comic art styling. The multiple fonts, from scripts, to bubble letters reflect the distinct street style. Many of the fonts in use brushes to create a special texture on the letters, as if they were hand painted. The header and footer use traditional serif fonts for the titles while using sans serif fonts for the body copy. This works because it makes the copy not seem austere, and is still distinct enough from the main body text to not be confused with the narrative.

One of the most effective and interesting aspects of this website, besides the visuals, is the parallax structure of the page. This essentially means that the text and images are scrolling at different speeds. Creating a parallax webpage gives depth to the content, by making it seem like the text is floating off of the background image.

This structure also enables to have the header follow the text all the way down the page so the user can constantly make the connection between content and company. The structure also eliminates the traditional nav bar, which is beneficial because user does not have to switch between different pages or tabs to get information, it all just scrolls from the landing page. There is a menu bar to help direct users to different sections of the page so they do not have to scroll through searching for content.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 1.02.22 AM


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