Hopelessness in a room.


Photography has never been something that I have taken much interest in.  Like most other teens my photography skills are all comprised in Instagram.  Before reading either of the articles and the prompt for this blog post I looked through the links for the photographs. James Mollison’s piece “Where Children Sleep” immediately caught my eye.  Through each of these photos another story is told and another child is profiled.

The image that I was particularly struck by was of Nantio, a young girl from Kenya.  The key compositional elements in this photo that I found interesting were the viewpoint and depth.  The picture of Nantio’s room (if you could call it that) is very intriguing to me.  This open area could have been photographed from many different views; however, I believe the one that Mollison chose is great.  The way the light is reflecting into the room as well as how desolate the room looks adds to the photo as well as the photo essay as a whole.  Next, I believe depth is very important in the photograph of Nantio.  The white plain background forces us (as the audience) to concentrate on Nantio and her expression with no distractions.

This photo is one of the stronger ones in the “photo essay” in my opinion.  I believe this work, as a whole, could be a comment on society and the different ways in which people live in different countries.  This particular photo is one of the most heart wrenching as it shows the horrible living conditions in Kenya as opposed to some of the other pictures of happy children with their huge rooms and toys. Therefore, I believe this photograph in particular is very strong within the photo essay.  Also, while reading the article on photo essays I almost thought to myself that maybe each photo could be their own photo essay because they all evoke many emotions.  I’m not sure I could argue this to a considerable degree but it was a thought brought up in my mind. Lastly, as mentioned above this image was very emotion provoking to me.  It made me feel somewhat bad about all of the great things I am handed everyday while people like Nantio have to live in squalor.


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