Surprising Stories

Before reading both of these works I had a false pre-tense on what they were going to be about.  On one hand I was not expecting such a deep conversation and theory from DJ Spooky and on the other hand I wasn’t expecting such “silly” comparisons (as Halberstam refers to them as) in her work because she is described as “someone who works in academic, theoretical, and cultural disciplines.” Although I was surprised: I would have to say it was a pleasant surprise.

I believe both of these works can allude to the conversation that we were having in class last week on what is considered “new”.  There are many different sections and topics touched upon within Halberstam’s work; however, the topic I found the most interesting was when she was talking about bringing other academics into your own works.  One sentence within that section that stood out to me was, “Academics are constantly involved in conversations with other academics, and the desire is to bring those conversations into your work, because that is what, sort of, has produced your thinking.”  Halberstam was alluding to the topic of making your own works accessible to your audiences.  However, I also take out of this section that she believes if you take from other works that it is not considered “new”: it is building upon another work.  On the other side, DJ Spooky (along with all other DJs) believes that their art “takes the best out there and gives it your own take;” therefore, it is a new piece of work.

Although this is something that I believe the two artists would disagree upon, one large concept I believe they share similar values on is that the creation of the concept rather than the outcome is important.  They both discuss the creative system that is involved in making works of art and the importance of that.

Both of these artists present very interesting ideas and concepts in their works and I believe a conversation between them within DJ Spooky’s studio would give us as the audience interesting points to consider.

Question: DJ Spooky explains how in the feature we will have technology as a core aspect of our existence- do you think this is true?  Will technology become one of the driving factors in our life?  Or will the people of the future be able to live life without technology?



  1. Your question is one that I’ve been asking myself since reading that quote from DJ Spooky. On the one hand, I’m terrified of such a dependence, but can see that it does appear to be where we are headed. I’ve been a counselor at a summer camp the past several summers, and we have to spell out that electronics aren’t allowed–cell phones, mp3s, etc. When the camp started in 1999, there’s no way they would have had to say that because 9-12 year olds didn’t own the devices on the list that had been invented! And yet, we now have to say that, and we STILL see them show up at camp. You’re 12. Can you really not part with your cell phone for one week? Are you that dependent on it? It scares me. And I know that the technological advances we continue to make might only increase that dependence.
    On the other hand, I can see the many benefits of technology. My mom’s told me stories about typing essays on a typewriter–the backspace button wasn’t super helpful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the handy backspace button writing this. And that’s just a tiny part of technology benefiting us. What about the medical and scientific advancements we’ve made because of technological advancements? It’s fantastic!

    Will technology become a core aspect of our existence? I’m not sure… I’m not even sure about whether it would be a good thing or a bad thing.

  2. I agree! It is very scary to think that one day we will not even realize how much technology has taken over our lives. I know for me personally I couldn’t go a day without my phone, does that mean in the future it is only going to get worse? Crazy to think about.

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