Personas and Their Appeal

After doing a speech for a large feminist activist gathering, Judith is cleaning up and approaches DJ spooky who is beginning to set up his music production equipment for his performance.

Judith:  Hey Spooky your music is very engaging to me, but your writings as your true identity are also attractive to my academic side of me, how do you do so well at managing your personas?

DJ Spooky:  Well Judith, you see I view my personas more or less as an extension of myself that allows me to appeal to all of my audiences rather than limiting myself to one faction.

Judith: I see! I do the same but through different personas and mediums.

DJ Spooky: Interesting, I just caught the end of your presentation would you mind filling me in on how you accomplish that?

Judith: Gladly! As an intellectual much of my writings appeal to community largely based in the academia realm, but I really want my cultural and activist discussions to be heard and understood through all walks of life so it is important to me that my message does go over the heads of those I may refer to as the “low culture” audiences.

DJ Spooky: I agree completely.  I feel as if I can achieve a similar goal appealing to the so-called “low culture” as well as those in the academia through my DJ-ing.  Music in itself can be enjoyed at all levels.  Music has an absorbing quality that can be enjoyed by any idiot.  The idiot becomes simply a “processing devise” who is a “slave to the moment, outside of thought.”  The music has a way of capturing the emotions leaving the idiot a “zombie” with no concept of past, present, or future.

Judith: (captivated)

As Judith’s activists leave, the audience for DJ Spooky begins to assemble.

DJ Spooky:  While at the same time, my music has an undeniable analytical aspect that can broken down and observed though its sequencing of sounds “overlaid with slogans, statistics, vectors, labels, and grids.”  This facet of my music requires a lot of processing to comprehend and accomplishes my goal of appeal to the intellectuals in the academia who admire and appreciate its components.

The crowd roars as DJ Spooky walks threw the curtains and does a mic check.

Judith:  Understandable, I find your “eccentric knowledge” of music similar to my approach to appealing to the “low culture” by using things I find pleasurable and funny.  I adapted this style from Laurent Berlant’s idea of “silly archiving.”  I find this way of archiving desirable for is its ability to capture and develop ideas from a gratifying source.

DJ Spooky:  Interesting… I wish I could stay and chat, but it’s almost time for the show to start!

The turntables screech and the curtains pull back to reveal Spooky’s audience as the show begins.

Question:  How do we develop our own persona’s to convey or adapt to a certain audiences in different forms of communication, whether it be to our friends on social media sites or in conversation or with presenting ourselves to superiors in similar mediums?


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