Blog Prompt #3

Read pages 20-40 in Rhythm Science, then

1) Find a paragraph (NO ONE CAN PICK THE SAME PARAGRAPH, so double-check and quote your paragraph on the blog before writing your post)

2) …and tell us in a well-crafted post why you were drawn to it, what interests you about this quote, what feelings does it stir up, what you think it’s saying, and why it is or is not important to your life, and to our notions of citizen archives, pasts, futures, remix thus far.  Feel free to use examples, pictures or beats for illustration.

3) Look up any references or metaphors you don’t know.

Effectively, you will be the resident expert on this paragraph, so get to know it intimately and come prepared to talk to us all about it.

As always, you should take ownership of this post, make it your own, make it worthwhile, and use my prompt loosely as a way into the text.  Also:

1) You should engage with the text carefully.
2)  Refer to specific examples from the text under examination.
3) Pose at least one question for class discussion.
4) Be a minimum of 300 words.
5) Include a descriptive title, relevant tags for navigation, indexing and proper categorization (ie. “blog 1 replies”).
6) Must be proofread and spell-checked.

Looking forward to it,



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